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“Making Marriage Beautiful” | Book Review | by elizabeth mcglathery

I just finished reading the book, Making Marriage Beautiful by Dorothy Littell Greco. Dorothy and her husband, Christopher, have been married over 20 years and have spent their marriage helping other couples in their own marriage journey. Reading through the pages of this book, it revealed their devotion and sincere hearts for Jesus and their deep care for their readers. So much truth saturates these pages and points us back to Christ. Whether you are a newlywed, 15 years married, or a long-time marriage veteran, this book is a great marriage resource.

This book covers different challenges marriages may face. Which is normal to talk about in a marriage book. However, this book worded things and went over topics I have yet to read in a marriage book. Dorothy and Christopher came from different cultures with different traditions, so they provide great insight for couples who may have married someone from a different country or cultural background. They talked about the gender expectations they have in their marriage that may not be the “norm” for most, and that is okay. They teach us that every marriage is different and has different challenges, but that every solution to our challenges points us back to Christ.

Other couples have the chance to share their own experiences with readers which I think is so valuable. Learning and reading from multiple couples brings so much more insight to the table.

One of the features I love about this book is the “Going Deeper” section at the end of each chapter. It gives you (and your spouse if you are reading it together) an opportunity to ask the hard questions, help you process and apply what you just read, read scripture, to learn more about God, yourself, and your spouse AND if you decide to do a book study with your small group, these are great starter questions.
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Some highlighted quotes:

“As marriage attacks our vanity and pride, it beckons us to turn away from the mirror so we can move toward Christ and our spouses.”pg 16

“As we become like Jesus, we willingly and continuously sacrifice for our spouses rather than protecting our self-interests.” Pg 30

“That fight opened our eyes to a shocking reality: our family cultures had so deeply shaped our preferences, biases, and beliefs that we each reflexively judged anything different as wrong.” pg 35

“Our families of origin play powerful roles in our development.”pg 36

“Regardless of how we got our scars and how they manifest, they don’t magically disappear when we get married.”pg 41

“Anger is so compelling and all-encompassing that we can forget that the point of anger is not anger; the emotion is meant to get our attention so that we can learn something and mature.” pg 87

“In order to become more like Jesus and love our spouses well, we need to root out all addictive thoughts and behaviors and learn to make healthy attachments.” pg 121

“Though we might pretend that it isn’t true, our behaviors have consequences that will affect not only our spouses but quite possibly generations to come.” – pg 131

” We find it easier to believe that our spouses are hopelessly dim-witted rather than attribute our frustration to the thief who wants to steal, kill and destroy (see John 10:10).” – pg 186

“God created us to worship. IF we don’t worship the Creator, we worship the created, making idols in the process (see Rom. 1).- pg 206

“Jesus is the ultimate reference point for what it means to love sacrificially.” – pg 227  


This book is a bit longer, but it is an easy read. Check out Dorothy’s page to read the introduction and chapter one. To read more or purchase your copy today, click HERE.


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